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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.




Warning! IF you wish not to see the insides of a Phasmid or any other animal, please go to some other category. Here we will show you how to properly dessicate Phasmids and other animals for preservation purposes. If you do not get a chance to dissecate a phasmid on the same day as it died, just put it in the freezer, to make sure that it will still be soft to work with on the day when you are available. Freezer will still dry out the phasmid, but very slowly.

Please choose one of the following species of animals, for a step by step explanation on how to prepare and dry them.

Specie name (scientific name) of Phasmids   Specie name (scientific name) of Turtles   Specie name (scientific name) of Mantids.
Stick Bug (Diapherodes gigantea)   Red Ear Slider Turtle   African Twig Mantis (Popa spurca)
Stick Bug (Haaniella grayi)        

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Blepharopsis Mendica
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