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Glossary of terms used within this website.

Snake's venom and its effects.




Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most FAQ, as well as some just plane funny ones:

General store questions:

Phasmid related questions:

1.) "Do the eggs grow or just stay the same size"... No, they stay the same size.

2.) "Do Phasmids eat their ova after hatching?"... No.

3.) "Did you ever had Phasmids stuck on the Bramble's spike?"... I observed it ones with a female Extatosoma tiaratum. She was full of eggs, so the weight of the eggs cause the abdomen to drop to the ground, where that happened. Since then, I always clean the substrate from any kind of sharp points.

4.) "Can I put my Stick Bugs in with my Leaf Bugs?"... It is not recommended. Often, a Stick Bug will think that a Leaf Bug is a leaf, and nibble on them.

9.) "I have too many Stick bugs, how do I get rid of some?"... The best way is to Freeze them for 48 hours to ensure that any parasites that they may contain, do not get transmitted into the wild, or by Microwaving for at least 10 min. This goes for all of the garbage that is taken out of the cage, such as: Substrate, Branches, Leafs, Frass, and even old Cages. A single ova (egg) if thrown out, can reproduce into hundreds with in a year of time. Always make sure to follow the Rules and Regulations of your Government, to ensure a safe and bright future for indigenous species.

10.) "How do you sex phasmids like E. calcarata?"... E. calcarata are very easy to sex. The females in this specie have Ova Depository needles, males do not. Also, males have huge needle on their hind legs.

11.) "My phasmid have pricked it self on a needle. Will it die?"... It all depends of the extend of the puncher wound. Generally, a talcum powder can be put on the wound to help it seal back up.

12.) "I got mould on my ova, how can i remove it?"... Make a Tea out of Oak leafs, take a q-tip, and carefully rub it off the ova with the oak tea. Oak tea will also prevent mould from growing on the ova for quite some time after words.

Food/ feeders related questions:

1.) "With the bramble, is that a white flower or berries??"... First comes flowers then berries :)!

Snake related questions:

1.) "My snake seems to struggle when going to washroom."... Add some Gray Fruit juice in its water.
Also, check this website out, to find your nearest Herp Vet

2.) "My snake got some old skin stuck, is it safe to pull it off?"... No, never attempt to pull any skin off as it will hurt the animal. Just mist it with some water or soak it in water for ten minutes and the shed should come right off. If it is still stuck, consult your herp vet.

3.) "My snake have just regurgitated, what should I do and why did this happen?"... Make sure that your snake has fresh water to drink because, snakes that have regurgitated have a tendency to dehydrate. In some cases pedialite (sp?) a product that is used to re-hydrate infants with diarrhoea etc. is used or unflavoured gatoraide. Mix it in with the drinking water to help re-hydrate the animal. It's either ZooMed or ExoTerra that makes a straight electrolyte product which you mix with the drinking water. Do not feed your snake for the next 10-14 days to let its asides to build up. After 10-14 days, give your snake a smaller food size then you usually give it, and wait till it poops before giving it any more food. The snake will often regurgitate if it is kept on sand, or handled right after it ate, (usually you should wait 2-3 days for the snake to digest its meal before handling it).


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